ESS-ENN Timber

Ess-Enn Timber was established in 1981 and over the next 25 years, the company grew into one of the largest Swedish timber product brands with a focus on laminated products as well as sawn and planed timber.

JOOL Invest acquired Ess-Enn Timber in 2008 when the company was in a crisis, and successfully turned it around. JOOL Invest modernised and improved profitability in the company, making it into one of Sweden’s largest producers of environmentally friendly laminated products. JOOL Invest has been sole owner of the company since December 2011.

Revenue: SEK 137 million (2019)

Number of employees: 48

Registered office: Skruv

Auditor: KPMG

Founded: 1981

Part of JOOL Invest since: 2008




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