Säkra Stockholm NoWa

Säkra Stockholm NoWa is a member of the Säkra trade body and an insurance broker with authorisation from the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Säkra is one of Sweden’s largest brands within insurance brokerage for private individuals, companies and the public sector. Säkra incorporates around 60 professional brokers throughout Sweden, who with their approximately 200 employees offer relevant competencies and high quality services. Säkra’s insurance brokers and financial advisers are approved by, among others, the Swedish FSA, InsureSec and SwedSec. They are also registered in the Swedish Companies Registration Office. Säkra Stockholm NoWa is a tied agent to United Securities AB.

Revenue: SEK 3.9 million (2018)

Number of employees: 3

Registered office: Stockholm

Auditor: KPMG

Founded: 2012

Part of JOOL Invest since: 2016

Org.nummer: 556760-7964
Storgatan 90 | 360 50 Lessebo | SWEDEN

Tom Olander | to@joolmarkets.se | +46 (0) 70 683 75 31